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Asset Management

Asset Management’s primary role is to maximize Return on Assets. We help you improve maintenance, effectiveness and efficiency to optimize equipment reliability as per investor’s production/primary business targets. Our Asset Management Firm is called as Parkview Facilities Pvt. Ltd. (PVFPL) and is a fully owned subsidiary of Bestech India Pvt. Ltd. PVFPL has its presence at Gurugram, Dharuhera and Mohali and maintains strong relationship with major clients across the region. The portfolio of services seeks to address the entire value chain of property related services. They include, but are not limited to Integrated Facility Management, Corporate Property Services, Parking assessment, Planning and Management, Engineering works and utility, Formulation of occupancy guidelines, including that for Fit Out and the specialized services such as energy management service. PVFPL carries only an excellent approach in, both quality and supervision of work and direct the energies towards client and their ever-growing and increasingly sophisticated needs.

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