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Luxury Apartments in Chandigarh

Luxury Apartments in Chandigarh

Luxury Apartments in Chandigarh

Become a part of this beautiful city by owning Penthouses in Chandigarh, ready to move-in flats including 2 Bhk flats in Chandigarh societies flats, flats near Airport, flats next to Radisson hotel or Ready to move in offices in Chandigarh, Pre – rented office in Chandigarh, or Office space near Airport.

Projects from Bestech Group offer all the stellar features and amenities that you would expect from a state of the art living – lush surroundings, easy connectivity for work or pleasure, spectacular shopping and entertainment. Each retail and commercial space by Bestech Group enables you to leverage the finest locations, largest catchment areas, local and national connectivity, 24x7 virtual access as well as facilities and amenities that allure the well healed and the MNC’s.

This entire living style is set close the jewel of Indian cities Chandigarh - the greatest experiment in the contemporary history of planning and architecture and a rare epitome of modernization co-existing with nature. Here, the trees and plants are as much a part of the design as the buildings and the roads. Wide boulevards connect all 56 sectors in Chandigarh often ending in roundabouts almost set afire with flowers that throw out the wildest fragrances. Each sector, in typically French style, is designed as a self-contained micro-neighbourhood with shops, schools and entertainment. The ambience is unbelievably green too, with parks and tree-lined avenues to set up concrete, block-like buildings. Each road is plush with diverse trees, and manhole covers are etched with city maps. Everyone speaks warmly of their home in Chandigarh, which has grown to become India’s wealthiest city per capita and the highest ranked on indices of Human Development.

Park View Residences one of the most premium locations in Mohali, near Chandigarh

Park View Residences are a set of premium apartments at one of the most premium locations in Mohali and at a 5 mins drive from Chandigarh. These set of apartments are a part of a 12.5 acre multi-functional project called Bestech Square.

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Chandigarh remains India’s best-planned city, with an inimitable architecture created by a world-renowned architech, who envisioned and gave Chandigarh a quality of life not found elsewhere. It is the face of modern India before the skyscrapers took over – a city of neat blocks and fragrant roundabouts that have space assigned for everything except chaos. It offers as well as a pace of life that is well under control. Acclaimed to be one of the best cities in India, it is immaculately planned and impeccably divided into sectors that seamlessly connect with one another. Moreover, to add to your delight, every sector has a park and a shopping street with abundant greenery surrounding them.


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